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Conscious Discipline Scholarship Recipients ONLY:

If you received a scholarship to attend the CD1 Summer Institute, below is the information you will need for reporting the deliverables you agreed to.

Reporting form for scholarship recipients 

Parent Survey in English | Spanish (for any caregiver)


After downloading the tracking form, rename the file with your last name, then first name then CD tracking form (i.e. Bartsch Erin CD Tracking form). Update the tracking form on a regular basis, see video links for directions. All components are in one file, complete all that apply to your delivery. (You might incorporate in home visits as well as provide a couple of mini sessions.)

When a caregiver completes a Parent Ed workshop/series or when they complete home visiting, have the caregiver complete the parent survey.

Video Directions:

Parent Education

Home Visiting

P-3 Education and Staff training

Due Dates:

Oct 31st: Send in up to date tracking form 

Jan 31st: Send in up to date tracking form

June 30th: Send in up to date tracking form, all parent surveys