Kindergarten Support Team Report

The KST is a quick response team for kindergarten teachers with challenging behaviors in the classroom. It is not to replace the SPED referral process and behavior plan but rather provide a quick system of support to the kindergarten teacher.

The KST members will include a BMELH Representative, the teacher and the school principal. Other members, once determined, may include a school psychologist, behavior specialist, CARE coordinator, mental health specialist, and SPED teacher.

  • The teacher informs the principal of the issue.
  • The principal completes a quick, simple online request “ticket”.
  • A member(s) of the KST will arrange a site visit to observe the school and classroom environment and will meet with the teacher to discuss observed behaviors and next steps.

  • The school-based KST will convene and determine next steps.
  • An plan will be created which may include instructional support, a "student success plan," and wrap-around services.

  • An action plan is implemented and monitored.
  • If a "student success plan" is created, the school-based KST (team) will reconvene every few weeks to reevaluate the plan.




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