Grants & Initiatives

Biannual RFA Grants

The Family Support Services, School Readiness, and Healthy, Stable, and Attached Families grants focus on projects that serve at risk children age 0-6 and their families. Any agency or program that serves children ages 0-6 can apply for these grants. Priority will be given to those activities that serve or support more than one community.

Grant funds may be used for community-based services intended to:

  • Family Support Services are community-based services to promote the well-being of children and families designed to increase the strength and stability of families (including adoptive, foster, and extended families), to increase parents' confidence and competence in their parenting abilities, to afford children a safe, stable and supportive family environment, to strengthen parental relationships and promote healthy marriages, and otherwise to enhance child development. US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.
  • School Readiness services are (a) services that increase the number of QRIS providers focused on providing culturally specific services or services in targeted school catchments or low-income communities, serving children and families of historically underserved populations, (b) community-based evidence based early literacy services that target high-risk communities or populations and promote cross-sector collaboration, and (c) capacity building activities for developmental screening, infant-toddler mental health consultants and targeted professional development and training, (d) research-based early childhood programs, in-home or center based parenting programs, literacy programs, preschool programs, licensed childcare programs or other programs that connect early childhood to kindergarten readiness, (e) culturally responsive family engagement activities that promote seamless transitions into kindergarten and the family’s comfort and engagement at their child’s school, and (f) coordination and identification of children and families from Target Populations, to recruit them for early learning activities that prepare them for success in school, enroll them in services, and make timely referrals with smooth transitions.
  • Healthy, Stable, and Attached Families services are (a) services that increase access to evidence based early learning programs, including culturally specific community-based programs, that increase the confidence and competence of caregivers and/or strengthen resiliencies of families who are experiencing specific stressors, (b) services that build connectivity and collaboration between Early Learning Services and health, mental health, child welfare, self-sufficiency and other stabilization programs, and (c) capacity building activities for developmental screening, infant-toddler mental health consultants and targeted professional development and training, (d) services that address social determinants of health that lead to health and well-being for young children and their families, (e) services that increase protective factors and reduce childhood experiences of abuse or neglect, (f) services that ensure children and families from Target Populations have access to medical, dental, mental health and other health care services. afford children a safe, stable and supportive


Application Process

Please take the self-assessment quiz (PDF is FILLABLE) to make sure that your project aligns well with the Blue Mountain Early Learning Hub focus and goals.

The allocation process begins by downloading the application packet for your county below. The application packet includes the cover letter and Request for Assistance (RFA) form.

The cover letter outlines how the grant funding may be used in your county. Please read the cover letter carefully and then fill out the Request for Assistance (RFA) form completely with as much detailed information as possible.

View the Cover Letter (PDF) for Family Support Services Grant, School Readiness Grant, Healthy, Stable and Attached Families Grant

You will need to include how the project address the objectives in the Hub's Strategic Plan (PDF)


The grant application window for 2019-2021 funding is closed.


*New Grant Opportunities will be posted as they arise.


Quality Improvement Grant for Child Care/Preschool Programs

Due to funding cuts, this program is on hold. Check back later to see if the grant has been reopened.

Goal: To support small child care and preschool programs (less than 100 children) improve the quality of program/services being offered to children and families. By providing a grant, programs will be able to purchase classroom materials or curriculum that will address specific early learning standards as identified by Oregon Department of Ed and the Early Learning Division.

Funds: Up to $1,500 to be spent on program quality improvements.

To submit, upload a completed grant application and supporting documents in PDF form.

Grant Application Deadlines:
Due: Oct 1st, 2019; Notification by: Nov 1st, 2019

Due: Dec 1st, 2019; Notification by: Jan 10th 2020

Due: March 1st, 2020; Notification by: April 1st, 2020

Due: June 1st, 2020; Notification by: July 1st 2020

Grant Guidelines (PDF)

Grant Application (Fillable PDF)

Income Guidelines for Poverty (PDF)