Grants & Initiatives


The Family Support Services, School Readiness, and Healthy, Stable, and Attached Families grants focus on projects that serve at risk children age 0-6 and their families. Any agency or program that serves children ages 0-6 can apply for these grants. Priority will be given to those activities that serve or support more than one community.

Grant funds may be used for community-based services intended to:

  • increase the strength and stability of families (including adoptive, foster, and extended families)
  • increase parents' confidence and competence in their parenting abilities
  • afford children a safe, stable and supportive family environment
  • strengthen parental relationships and promote healthy marriages
  • enhance child development, including through mentoring.
  • services must be provided in a culturally competent and gender-specific manner that reflects the population, needs and resources of the community.

Application Process

Please take the self-assessment quiz (PDF is FILLABLE online in Chrome, can be downloaded with any browser or download the Word doc) to make sure that your project aligns well with the Blue Mountain Early Learning Hub focus and goals.

The allocation process begins by downloading the application packet for your county below. The application packet includes the cover letter and Request for Assistance (RFA) form.

The cover letter outlines how the grant funding may be used in your county. Please read the cover letter carefully and then fill out the Request for Assistance (RFA) form completely with as much detailed information as possible.

View the Cover Letter (PDF) for Family Support Services Grant, School Readiness Grant, Healthy, Stable and Attached Families Grant

Request for Assistance (RFA) Application (PDF is FILLABLE online in Chrome, can be downloaded with any browser or download the Word doc)

*New Grant Opportunities will be posted as they arise.

Submit the RFA to Kim Thul at by Friday, November 17, 2017.

The RFA will be screened and then sent to your county Early Childhood Partnership Team (ECPT). During their December meetings the ECPTs will make funding recommendations to the BMELH Governance Board.

Final approval will be made during the January Governance Board meeting. If your project is approved for funding the BMELH will need to obtain a statement of work to be added to your sub-contract for signature.